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Transgender dating includes trans people of a wide variety. Diversity is a great thing and is largely why trans dating is so popular these days. You will be able to mingle with transgender members including transexuals, crossdressers, nonbinary, genderfluid, intersex and androgynous, along with cisgender men and women. This is your safe place to explore your transgender attraction.

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Transgender Dating is One of the Fastest Growing Online Dating Trends!

Trans Defined

The term trans (referring to transgender) refers to a person whose personal identity and gender doesn’t correspond with their biological birth sex. This can mean you identify with the opposite sex that you were assigned at birth or that you do not identify with either gender at all. Some folks are considered gender fluid because they switch gender roles from time to time. It’s fascinating!

Transgender Dating or Friendship

Sure, you will find people looking for love or sex on any trans dating site. However, many trans dating members come seeking friendship rather than romance. Why? Sometimes it’s hard to find local transgender friends who understand you in a way that others couldn’t. These transgender friends are great to hang out with and to form a peer support network where you can share information and experience. It makes sense to use transgender dating for the purpose of finding new friends. You never know what might develop. Many cisgender men and women have trans friends too. It isn’t always about sex. Sex is fun but sometimes it’s fun just to have good friends who understand and aren’t judgmental.

Men Seeking Trans

Many men seek trans women for sex hookups or even long-term relationships. You are in the right place if you’re a guy who admires transgender women! Join for free and search the local trans dating members to find your best matches. Sort by your location, age or interests. Set up your own profile with some nice photos. You never know when someone will reach out to you.  The basic membership is free and you can always upgrade anytime for premium membership.

Trans Seeking Trans

Sure, transgender people date other trans folks. It makes sense. Romantic attraction isn’t dictated by a gender role. Attraction and sexual desire is in the mind. Who could possibly understand you better than another trans person, thus many trans couples unite for amazing romantic relationships!

Women Seeking Trans

Absolutely! Some women prefer the company and romantic companionship of transgender folks, either MtF or FtM. Many lesbian women are completely open to the idea of dating a trans woman, and some prefer it.